Aroma Oils

100% Pure Aroma Oil - 1 oz in glass dropper bottle
can be used in tart warmers, oil warmers, lamp rings, to re-scent wickless candles, vacuum bags, refresh potpourri, car fresheners, candle making, to re-scent wax tarts, plug in fragrance warmers, refill reed diffusers, and simmer bowls

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Aroma Oil - Acai Berry
scent of sparkling cassis and acai berry with warm woods and amber can be used in simmer bowls, o..
Aroma Oil - Amaranth & Jasmine
soft petals of rare pink jasmine with amaranth can be used in simmer bowls, oil warmers, lamp rin..
Aroma Oil - Amaretto*
creamy almond cherry scent Connie's Creations Originals - 100% Pure Aroma Oil - 1oz glass bo..
Aroma Oil - Amber Romance - Victoria's Secret Type*
Victoria's Secret Type rich amber is enhanced with fruity top notes to create a very seducti..
Aroma Oil - Amber Sunset - Yankee Type
Yankee Candle Type A warm inviting fragrance with woody accents and top notes of soothing ma..
Aroma Oil - Anisette Cookie
Anisette, Lemon Extract, Ginger Zest, Pure Honey, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Vanilla Wafer, Powdered ..
Aroma Oil - Apple & Clover
aroma of crisp apple and fresh clover can be used in simmer bowls, oil warmers, lamp rings, ..
Aroma Oil - Apple Cider
Hot Apple Cider infused with Crushed Cinnamon, Warm Clove and a hint of Vanilla Extract can be us..
Aroma Oil - Apple Crumble*
(16) IN STOCK Green & Golden Apples blended with cinnamon, nutmeg & clove spices in a van..
Aroma Oil - Apple Pie*
warm out of the oven home baked aroma of apples and cinnamon can be used in simmer bowls, oil war..
Aroma Oil - Autumn Leaves
Warm, earthy patchouli is combined with wood notes, sweet dried fruits, grated spices of clove and c..
Aroma Oil - Axe Essence Type
Axe Essence is a trademark of Axe. blend of citrus notes combines perfectly with masculine woods ..
Aroma Oil - Axe Kilo Type
Axe Kilo is a trademark of Axe. The pure essence of manliness. Potent, powerful and intensely pro..
Aroma Oil - Baby
baby powder combined with the sweet scent of baby’s breath can be used in simmer bowls, oil warme..
Aroma Oil - Baby Powder*
powder fresh scent of baby’s nursery in this delicately sweet aroma can be used in simmer bowls, ..
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