Fall Candles

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3 x 4 Aromatherapy Pillar Candle - Relaxing
FREE SHIPPING Like a vivid sunset, the red hues of this relaxing pillar candle with dazzle you wi..
$19.99 $14.95
3 x 4 Aromatherapy Pillar Candle - Serenity
FREE SHIPPING Layers of green paraffin wax are infused with a serene scent that will calm your se..
$19.99 $12.95
3 x 4 Scented Flameless Pillar Candle - Pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice fragrance real wax. Realistic melted edge realistic look, smooth beeswax drip pillars,..
3 x 6 Aromatherapy Pillar Candle - Harmony
FREE SHIPPING Gorgeous russet, brown and ivory wax layers combine to create this harmonious pilla..
$23.99 $17.95
3 x 6 Aromatherapy Pillar Candle - Relaxing
FREE SHIPPING This beautiful pillar candle will brighten your room and calm your senses with its ..
$23.99 $14.95
Aromatherapy Jar Candle - Harmony
FREE SHIPPING Tune in to sweet aroma and soft candlelight with this gorgeous earth tone layered c..
$25.99 $15.95
Aromatherapy Jar Candle - Relaxing
FREE SHIPPING The colors of a vibrant sunset and the scent of calming influences will light up yo..
$25.99 $15.95
Aromatherapy Jar Candle - Serenity
FREE SHIPPING Peace and serenity will wash over you when you light the triple wick of this beauti..
$25.99 $15.95
Halloween Drip Taper Candles
(12) IN STOCK unscented, multicolor drip, 2 per box, 9.5" tall, Burn time: 2-4 Hrs ..
$6.99 $3.50
Hobnail Jar Candle - Caramel Pecan
FREE SHIPPING The next best thing to having a decadent dessert baking in the kitchen is the aroma..
$29.95 $23.95
Hobnail Jar Candle - Fig & Pear
FREE SHIPPING The bright scent of figs and pears will create a welcoming aroma in your home when ..
$29.95 $15.95
Hobnail Jar Candle - Macintosh Apple
FREE SHIPPING The aroma of warm apples along with charming design - this candle has it all! The d..
$29.95 $15.95
Hobnail Jar Candle - Plum Berry
FREE SHIPPING The deep purple hobnail jar is home to a plum berry scented candle that burns for h..
$29.95 $15.95
Hobnail Jar Candle - Vanilla Cupcake
FREE SHIPPING This candle looks and smells delightful. The hobnail jar is simply charming and the..
$29.95 $15.95
LED Pillar - 3 x 3 Orange
LAST (1) IN STOCK wax like shell, on/off switch, 2 AAA batteries required (batteries not included..
$10.99 $5.50
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